Our Mission

The objective of Conditions Set is to help service members and veterans secure job opportunities through personalized resume development. We believe that military service provides skills and leadership abilities that ought to be strategically marketed during the job recruitment process. We aim to help the service member effectively convey his or her previous experience and value to potential employers. Our approach to resume consultation centers on highlighting how proficiencies developed in the context of military service are transferrable to the civilian workplace. As a nonprofit organization, all services provided by Conditions Set are offered at no cost to active duty US military personnel and veterans. We all share the same underlying motivation: to serve those who have served for us. To learn more about the members of Conditions Set, please visit our About Us page.


Position the service member or veteran for success by supporting their transition into the civilian workforce.


Convey the service member’s assets and experiences through personal and detailed resume consultation utilizing multiple reviewers possessing a myriad of military and professional backgrounds.


Conditions are set for the participant to conduct a successful job search and ultimately secure employment in the civilian workplace.