Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

For candidates who are starting from scratch, the process of generating a resume takes 1 - 3 weeks as we work together to develop a finished product. Working with candidates who have a semi-complete product can take less time.

Who will work on my resume?

Each resume is reviewed by at least 2 Conditions Set reviewers, one with a military background and one with a civilian background. Typically, we make sure that one of the reviewers also has experience in the candidate’s desired industry.

Do I have to have something already prepared to send in?

It is always helpful for a candidate to have taken a first attempt at putting together his or her resume, but we are also happy to help start from scratch.

What if I don’t know what industry I want to work in?

We are more than happy to help discuss possible career choices. We have a network of both senior and junior representatives in a variety of industries who can be used as resources.