As Conditions Set continues to work with military members, we will periodically post testimonials written by applicants themselves. These reports illustrate how our services have helped them through the job application process. If you are a service member or veteran and would like to work with Conditions Set, please visit our Contact page and send us a message.


LT Christopher R., USN

During my successful application process to a Top 10 business school graduate program, representatives consulted with me and assisted in producing an exemplary resume product in minimal time (within 1 day!). They are particularly adept at translating the work performed and accomplishments achieved within the military into vernacular understood by businesses and universities. Their level of dedication and competence in compiling resumes is unparalleled and eases the pain of transitioning into the civilian sector...

Nick I., USMC

I recommend Conditions Set to every transitioning veteran who is serious about taking the hard earned skills of their military service into the civilian work force. I have referred veterans from all ranks and specialties and the professionals at Conditions Set were able to shape even the worst resumes into a civilian friendly tool for communicating their experiences. I myself am a perfect case example. As an infantry officer, I had a challenging time shaping my resume to reflect how my skills stateside and on deployment would help any corporation. After a few drafts with Conditions Set I was confident enough to submit my resume, get an interview, and eventually land a job with one of the big four consulting firms in NYC. I could not have done it without Conditions Set.

Miles K., USMC

Like many service members, I received comprehensive training in a multitude of professional military disciplines in addition to having the opportunity to lead. I understood that resumes provided a crucial first impression to employers and I wanted to put in the appropriate time and effort to ensure that I had the best possible product to showcase. Conditions Set's personalized approach ensured that I effectively conveyed my past experiences and accomplishments in a manner that recruiters would understand. Their help ultimately contributed towards me securing an interview with a top consulting firm.

Josh O., USMC

I recommend Conditions Set to any transitioning service member. The team I worked with was able to translate my experiences in the Marine Corps into a résumé that impressed hiring managers across various civilian sectors. Conditions Set not only structured my expertise into an organized fashion, but also helped me interpret how specific skills I learned in the military will relate to corporate America. Following the coaching and support I received from Conditions Set, I was able to secure employment at a Fortune 100 financial services firm. I am still shocked that I received such detailed one-on-one professional development advice completely free of charge – it shows how much the team at Conditions Set cares about putting Vets to work!

John F., USMC

The support I received and work that went into developing a solid resume set the conditions for me to conduct a successful career search. The same support can be provided to any service member regardless of rank, branch of service, or military occupational specialty. The individuals who provide these services are motivated to help those in similar positions convey their experiences and capabilities successfully in order to ensure their best possible chances of obtaining employment in the civilian atmosphere.